Who are the partners?

The programme is led and coordinated by KCCA at the Kampala and division levels, with support from UNICEF Uganda. At the parish level, the programme is implemented by a network of lead-mentors and peer-mentors, who are directly overseen by two CSO partners: Trailblazers Mentoring Foundation, responsible for supporting inschool girls, and the Uganda Youth Development Link, responsible for supporting the out-of-school girls. The small cash transfers will be distributed to the girls’ primary caregivers by GiveDirectly.

The programme was designed and developed by KCCA and UNICEF with support from the Economic Policy Research Institute. The programme includes a strong monitoring and evaluation component to facilitate data-driven decision-making and ensure that the programme’s results and impact are measured.

This programme is aligned with the Government of Uganda’s Vision 2040, National Development Plan, and National Social Protection Policy, and is supported by the Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development.